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Win Business With Every Phone Call You Take

Brendan Mann

They say first impressions are everything. We only have one opportunity to create that all-important first impression. In the business community, many SME businesses fail to make that all-important first impression. Due having an inadequate telecommunications infrastructure. This means that many businesses begin their customer relationships on the back foot. What are the simple things every business can do in order to create that all-important first impression?

The first thing business owners need to consider is the phone system they currently use. A business owner will rarely review their current phone system. In a recent survey over 80% of business owners ticked the response. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. When asked if they were considering reviewing their current business telephone system.

When you consider that virtually every aspect of a business is reviewed on an annual basis. It is surprising that a business essential such as a telecommunications system is also not reviewed.

Businesses need to consider if their phone system is costing them more money than it needs to. By reviewing the hardware and service provider costs. A business can quickly identify savings that often run into thousands of pounds each year.

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Another key area for review is productivity. Are your employees working for the telephone or is your telephone working for you. There are dozens of, quick fix, low-cost productivity-boosting solutions that can quickly be applied to an existing telephone system.

A recent survey revealed the number one frustration among consumers was long waiting times or call on hold times. As well “insufferable” telephone hold music. The report stated that unless consumers had an obligation to deal with a business. Over 80% of consumers would hang up and search for an alternative supplier. If faced with long telephone waiting times. This clearly identifies a need for fast and efficient voice response systems linked to a mobile network

It is believed that in the UK over two-thirds of SME businesses are using a telephone system that is outdated or ineffective for the size and shape of their business. This statistic highlights the need for SME business owners to conduct a regular review of their business phone system. In the same way, they would review employee performance or business finances.

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