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Wireless Ethernet.

Wireless Ethernet often in the form of a wireless leased line is a dedicated internet connection boasting some excellent statistics. What’s more is it comes without any costly ECC charges that you may have been quoted with a standard leased line. ECC’s (excess construction charges) occur when a provider has to physically dig up roads/farms/fields and anything in between your address and the exchange. They can range from £100 – £1Million so if you have been told you would need to pay ECC charges it is worth seeing if wireless Ethernet would be an option.

The other thing that separates wireless Ethernet from standard leased lines is the much quicker installs. Typically an ethernet leased line install time is around 3 months, although some have been known to take more than 7 months! With wireless Ethernet install is usually under 2 weeks – which is better than some broadband providers.

What’s even better is with wireless Ethernet you still get all the benefits of a leased line:

  • Huge speeds available up to 10Gbps
  • A dedicated, symmetrical internet service
  • A fixed service level agreement – so if your service ever falls below you would start earning money back
  • Fix times – usually 4 hours but will depend on provider
  • Designed for businesses that rely on a stable connection

So what’s the downside of wireless Ethernet? It’s not available everywhere! It also is one of the higher cost business solutions so not always financially viable for small or start-up companies.

However on the bright side wireless Ethernet does have the ability to scale up with your business. So if you are expecting growth and need your internet to have the ability to grow with you, wireless Ethernet would be a great alternative to standard leased lines.