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Worried About Your Business Energy Bills This Winter? Don’t Be!

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Worried About Your Business Energy Bills This Winter? Don’t Be!

If you’ve read the British Gas report that highlights the significant increases in business energy consumption over the winter, then you may be dreading the changing of the seasons. It’s normal for us to use more energy between across autumn and winter when the colder weather hits, but there’s really no reason for the spikes to be so drastic. According to British Gas, over winter there’s a…

  • 40 percent increase in business gas consumption in the retail industry.
  • 63 percent increase in business gas consumption throughout offices.
  • 70 percent increase in business gas consumption within manufacturing.

These figures are crazy, yet entirely believable as many small businesses don’t know the best ways to keep their business energy costs down over the winter months. The good news is that there are a number of ways to ensure that the winter increase remains reasonable, and they’re actually very easy to implement in the average office space. Here are some ways to keep your rates affordable:

  • Keep an eye on the thermostat
  • There’s no laws in the UK relating to office temperature, but the Health & Safety Executive states that a typical office should be kept at around 16 degrees for comfort. Try to ensure that temperatures are not raised much higher than this over the winter, as for every 1 degree you increase the temperature, your business energy costs will rise by around 8 percent!

  • Use a smart meter
  • If you haven’t already heard, the Government are currently striving to supply all households and businesses with smart meters to monitor energy usage. It is expected that all small businesses will have a smart meter installed between 2015 and 2020. A smart meter can quickly and clearly display how much business energy you’re using, so there’s no surprises.

  • Balance your costs
  • If you’re expecting to use more energy over the winter to ensure a warmer working environment, think about where you could cut business energy costs to create a balance. ‘”It has been estimated that big businesses are using £2.8 billion of energy that they don’t need to use every year’, according to an article published in the Telegraph. Turn off those lights!

  • Ensure you’re getting the best rates
  • If you’re already paying above and beyond what you should be, then this will be more noticeable over winter when your business energy usage naturally increases. Before the cold weather hits, take a look at compareyourbusinesscosts.com to compare business energy prices and ensure you’re getting the best rates on the market. Don’t pay more than you need!

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