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Your Guide To… Business Gas Comparison

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Your Guide To… Business Gas Comparison

Business gas comparison is a growing trend, particularly among savvy businesses wanting to ensure they’re getting the best service for the best price. Online business gas comparison tools are a great way to see the different providers offering services in your area, but what aspects and features of the service should you be taking into consideration? Here are 6 factors that are vital for business gas comparison:

Fixed Price vs Standard Tariff – On a standard tariff, your business gas rate may fluctuate depending on rises and drops to the wholesale price. It’s a bit like a variable mortgage. A fixed price plan means you’ll pay a set amount for the duration of your contract. What’s best? That really depends on your business. Established businesses who have a good idea of their business gas needs can often save money by opting for a fixed price plan, but new businesses and start up enterprises who anticipate significant growth within the coming years may wish to select a standard tariff which gives them more flexibility.

Contract Length – If you choose a fixed rate contract, one of the most important aspects of business gas comparison is deciding on the length of your contract. Many business gas providers in the UK offer one, two, or three year contracts. Typically, the longer your contract, the less you’ll pay per month. For some businesses, particularly larger businesses, a longer contract can be the best option, but smaller businesses anticipating major growth and development may prefer a shorter, one year contract which provides them with the opportunity to reevaluate their business gas needs after just 12 months.

Care Plans & Service – Business gas comparison isn’t just about comparing the different rate and tariffs offered by suppliers. It’s also about looking at the different care plans and services that these suppliers provide. Some suppliers, for example, may offer an ongoing boiler service, or a repair and maintenance service that can give you peace of mind that should you experience problems with your business gas, they’ll be taken care of as part of your contract. These services are often presented as optional extras, and it is the decision of the business whether they decide to go ahead with these services or not.

Discounts – Although cost isn’t everything, it’s still a very important factor in terms of business gas comparison. We’re seeing a growing trend for more and more providers to offer discounts – sometimes up to 4 or 5 percent – to businesses who opt to pay their bills by direct debit, or to businesses who pay their bills manually within a specific timeframe – usually within 14 days from the date of invoice. Prompt and automatic payments reduce risk to the supplier, and minimise the need for suppliers to take action against non-payment, which is why many are now rewarding responsible businesses with discounts.

Multi Site Set Up – An increasing number of business gas providers are now offering dedicated services for companies that are based across numerous sites in the UK. A multi site set up can be beneficial for businesses with regional offices, providing a comprehensive overview of business gas use across the different premises as a way to monitor and track usage and identify ways in which gas use can be minimised to reduce costs. Some suppliers may also offer a small discount for businesses who select a multi site set up, which can make this a much more cost effective option for savvy businesses.

Account Management – When it comes to business gas comparison, you may wish to select a provider that allows you to manage your account online. There are many benefits to online account management, such as being able to instantly provide your meeting readings, check usage reports, and see forecasts which can give you a reasonable idea of how your usage and costs may change on a month-to-month basis. You may also be able to perform other tasks online, including paying your bills or requesting changes to your service, which can save time and free up your internal resources.

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